Who is Marta?

Marta Waterman

Marta Waterman is a musician, college professor, author, and personal trainer who has been performing since high school. She has had a lifelong fascination with music, playing piano by ear at age two and reading music by age four. As a soloist and band member, she has played everything from classical to metal, pop and jazz. She is currently the keyboardist for the band “Lunar Figurine“.

Marta is the author of two books: The Life and Art of Robert J. Adsit and Dream, Believe, Create: How To Be a Life Magician. In addition, she composes live, original, improvised piano scores for the Rosendale Theatre’s on-going silent film series.

The inspiration for her contributions to Ra’s Pyramid stems from Marta’s connection to spirit and the joyful, spontaneous synergy of artistic collaboration with Larry Seyer.

View more of her work at martawaterman.com.