Ra’s Pyramid is:

Larry Seyer – Guitar
Marta Waterman – Synthesizer

In their first collaborative work, Larry and Marta take listeners on a magical, musical journey through the land of exotic, mystical places.

Using modern guitars and synthesizers, they transform the space between the listener’s ears into an expertly traversed myriad of sonic landscapes from distant worlds.

Take a modern day ride across the cool desert sands of Egypt during a period ruled by Ra!

Listen to “Ascension”

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Why Ra’s Pyramid?

What’s with the name?

Larry and Marta met while producing Divine Cosmos Convergence conferences for Marta’s son David Wilcock.

Larry had been working with David since 2005 on other music and web related projects. After the two of them completed the ground breaking “Science of Peace” and “Wanderer Awakening” works, they decided to include performances of some of the music from those projects at live events where David was speaking.

David suggested including Marta in the planning, preparation and hosting of these conferences since her meticulous attention to detail and excellent communicator skills had impressed him throughout all of his life. Larry reluctantly agreed, believing incorrectly that including a family member could be problematic.

However, Larry’s fears were quickly dispelled once he spent the first few minutes with Marta at their first conference. In fact, she turned out to be exactly what both David and Larry needed to deliver conferences of the highest quality.

During these events held at locations spanning the globe, Larry and David performed selections from “Wanderer Awakening” and Marta would join the two of them playing keyboards. This threesome collaboration was so much fun, Larry and Marta wondered what it would be like if the two of them worked on a project of their own.

So Marta headed south to Austin Texas where the production of their first project began.

“Ascension” is the first official release resulting from their musical partnership.

They needed a suitable name for their newly formed duo. Since David was the reason for their original get together, they decided choosing something relating to that initial collaboration was appropriate.

So the name “Ra’s Pyramid” was born with Larry and Marta as proud parents displaying tribute to the work of her son, David Wilcock.

Who is Larry?

Larry Seyer

The previous works of Larry Seyer span a time of over 50 years and include almost every genre of music known to the world today.

Starting at a very young age, Larry realized early his mission would be in music.

Whether it is via the art of recording, mixing and mastering, or more traditional roles such as guitarist and performer, or author, he approaches any artistic medium with a passion seldom seen within circles of his peers.

Who is Marta?

Marta Waterman

Marta Waterman is a musician, college professor, author, and personal trainer who has been performing since high school. She has had a lifelong fascination with music, playing piano by ear at age two and reading music by age four. As a soloist and band member, she has played everything from classical to metal, pop and jazz. She is currently the keyboardist for the band “Lunar Figurine“.

Marta is the author of two books: The Life and Art of Robert J. Adsit and Dream, Believe, Create: How To Be a Life Magician. In addition, she composes live, original, improvised piano scores for the Rosendale Theatre’s on-going silent film series.

The inspiration for her contributions to Ra’s Pyramid stems from Marta’s connection to spirit and the joyful, spontaneous synergy of artistic collaboration with Larry Seyer.

View more of her work at martawaterman.com.


It’s on Spotify!

Today, we are happy to announce that Ra’s Pyramid “Ascension” is available for play on Spotify! You can listen online here:

It’s Available Now!

Our wonderful project is available directly from us as a direct download on http://AudibleSpirit.com (for free) If you would like your very own copy of our “10 year in the making” project, visit the site and click on the Ra’s Pyramid link. We believe you will love it!